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Halloween for Kids and Scaredy Cats

Boooooo!!!! Crrreeeeaakkk!!!

Did it scare you? Probably not. Unfortunately for me, it's enough to freak me out completely. This is why I have never enjoyed horror films (which happens to be my husband's favorite). Being a scaredy cat as a child (and teen), I've always skipped on the sweets during trick or treating as well as the brave cemetery adventures with friends. Now as a mother and homemaker, I had never been excited about decorating our home.  With each passing halloween season, I came to realise that my own personal fears have lead to my family missing out on all the fun - and I am guilty as a witch!

So, this season, I have made a decision so I’m gathering all the guts to get my act together. To face my own demons, I am starting out with the very reason why I am so scared in the first place - movies.  I realise that it’s a great bonding time so I am starting with a list of movies that I can probably stomach with one eye open and be too scared:


1. Boo! A Madea Halloween (2016)



2. Nightmare Before Christmas (1994)



3. The Addams Family (1991)



4. Hocus Pocus (1993)



While movies are for the family, trick and treat plus decorations are for children. Our mission is to create that happy halloween atmosphere without scaring ourselves in the process.

I always start to look for inspiration through Pinterest and go to my favourite halloween store such as to recreate this vision.  

Shopping online makes it really convenient for me - I can still shop while my toddler takes his nap! The selections are endless and I can find everything - from the creepiest, scariest ones, down to the kid friendly options on a click of a button. Of course I stay focused on the latter (for my own sake).

Today, I'm am starting with something simple and yet achieves the friendly halloween decor. Here’s a few Halloween decorations available from Witches of Halloween:

1. Gingerbread skeleton ornaments. Perfect for each member of our family!




2. Set of 3 Child Friendly pumpkins. Perfect for decorating our family home.


3. Halloween Macaron Ornament Set. This set is quite versatile, you can use them for other occasions. 



3. Haunted Gingerbread house. I can put this beside the tree next to the Halloween candies. Hoping someone will mistake it as real and try to get a bite out of it!




Now that I’ve got movies and decor all done and dusted - my next halloween resolution would be braving the cemetery at night.  Oh, on second thought, I’d probably pass that for another year or two. Try something creepier each year maybe? You bet.


Happy haunting!!!