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​Fall under the spell of RAZ Imports and conjure up hocus pocus next Halloween.

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Since 1979, RAZ Imports has searched the world to discover the finest quality holiday décor pieces and present them to you. Why settle for ‘practical magic’ when you can conjure up a little ‘hocus pocus’ with RAZ Imports next Halloween?

Raz Imports Sitting Witches (2 Colours)

This pair of skyfaring sorceresses are taking a break after cavorting across the night sky on their broomsticks. Each Sitting Witch has posable legs and gazes upon the world with a Mona Lisa smile. Wearing festive frocks with glittery collars and sequined bodices along with flamboyantly flouncy matching hats, these ladies are showing off the best of their witchy wardrobes.

Raz Imports Hanging Witch Hat with LegsRaz Imports Posable Witch Legs - 66cm

Raz Imports Umbrella with Witch LegsRaz Imports Witch Shoes Taper Candle Holders

Can’t get enough of witch-themed decorations? Check out these Hanging Witch Hats with Legs. Trimmed liberally in Halloween tulle, these posable legs with their sparkly shoes will have you wanting to dance in the moonlight.

Keep kicking up your heels with these fully posable pairs of 66cm Witch Legs. They come in three colours and wear wacky tights and bizarre boots with fluffy fringe. Anchor them in the ground, in a pot, or build your own hanging witch atop these perfect pins.

Getting wet ruins more than a witch’s hairdo. These full-size 129.5cm decorative Umbrellas with Witch Legs may not hold up to the elements, but don’t tell the kitsch witch hiding underneath.

Pity these shoes only come in one size. Add a little witchcraft and light up the night with the perfect pair of 25cm ceramic Witch Shoes Taper Candle Holders.

Raz Imports Witches Hats (52cm) 3 Colours

Fancy dress tickle your fancy? —Then let the Halloween spirit possess you. Featuring shiny buckles, feathers, and tulle, these 52cm tall Witch Hats will bring forth your inner enchantress. Can’t decide which witch hat you want? Get all three and you’ll be the witch to watch.

Raz Imports Set of 3 Jack O'LanternsRaz Imports Pumpkins for Sale Table Piece

You can’t have Halloween without Jack O’Lanterns! This trio of gleeful grinners (tallest 41cm) makes a great rustic-themed addition to sideboard, courtyard and veranda displays.

How much for those pumpkins at the roadside? If you’re after some jolly jack o’lanterns, look no further. These Pumpkins for Sale love to lend their cheery smiles to smaller indoor mantlepiece and table displays.

Raz Imports Top Cat on top of Lighted Pumpkin - 35.5cm

Top Cat is on top of the world, or at least, on top of a glowing pumpkin. Clad in his top hat, this fine feline looks quite chuffed. He reckons he’s made off with the proverbial canary, but little does he know that a raven is roosting on the brim of his hat. The light up jack o’lantern smirks to see such sport. That Top Cat is such a larrikin!

Raz Imports Bat with Pumpkin - 16cm

Celebrating the playful spirit of Halloween, this baby Bat in a Pumpkin figurine has cuteness to spare. Just like us, you’ll go batty over her lovable face and glittery wings.

Raz Imports Light Up Haunted Houses

Speaking of cute, who doesn’t love tiny things? These enchanting mini Light Up Haunted Houses (34cm tall) look marvellous on mantlepieces and beguiling on bookshelves. Collect all three (Boo, Buried, and Beware) and create your own tiny town.

Raz Imports Skeleton Lighted Water Lantern - 29cm

What rotten luck! A ghastly gale has ruined this creepy couple’s special day. Caught unawares, the groom holds onto a lamp post for his dear afterlife while his undead bride tends to her dress. History’s repeating for dear, departed Marilyn. Covered in black glitter and filled with gold glitter suspended in water, the Skeleton Lighted Water Lantern resembles a forest cottage. You can make the tempest within last as long as you like using the lantern’s three display settings and timer.

Raz Imports Musical Skeleton Water Globe - 17.5cm

This Musical Halloween Skeleton Water Globe by RAZ Halloween Imports shows us a frightful Hallows Eve scene. As the cauldron bubbles over, ghouls threaten to break free from the realm of the dead through the sides of this cursed cauldron. In the globe, a scowling skeleton holding a baleful black cat sits atop a tombstone whilst a jack o’lantern looks on with joy. Give the globe a shake and watch bats swarm everywhere. The globe also plays ‘Ding Dong the Witch is Dead’, so you can guess whose tombstone that is!

Raz Imports 30cm Skeleton Bust

This 30cm Skeleton Bust of a centuries-gone bard smiles confidently, gazing out from the dominion of the dead. Sculpted in stunning stone resin with the look of a genuine medieval masterpiece, you may want to leave this fellow on your mantlepiece all year long.

Fall under the spell of RAZ Imports next Halloween and decorate with a little hocus pocus.