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Go Howling Mad for Lemax's 2023 Spooky Town Collection!

Posted by Decorator Witch on

BOO! Lemax has released their new 2023 Spooky Town lighted buildings, figurines, accessories, and the first ever Spooky town façade. We're going 'howling mad' over the surprise early release of this new collection. Get in on the haunt and discover the perfect addition to your Halloween village when you check out our wicked favourites...

Raven Hill suits those in search of a certain enviable 'afterlifestyle'. All of death's necessities lie mere steps from the grave. Claw your way to the surface and shamble downhill to browse the rotted blooms at Withered Flowers. Notions Potions stocks all your favourite poisons. Get embalmed with your besties at the Mortuary. Throughout the night, be soothed by the reverberating echo of witches cackling as they soar across the pitch black sky...

Pubs all over Spooky Town serve Headstone Mill Brewery's lethal lagers, potent pils, and spooky stouts. This Sights & Sounds centrepiece has a rotating windmill, spinning skeleton crew, and a churning waterwheel set to pulsating lights and a scary soundtrack.

You may not like what Madame Serena sees when she tells your future. Everyone pays first because so many flee within the first five minutes! In The Future Looks Dark, a down-at-heel Victorian building (24.5cm tall, porcelain) provides the perfect home for fortune-teller Madame Serena and her black cat familiar. 

Discover horrors and mysteries from the darkest depths of the sea at The Haunted Aquarium. Built around the skeleton of an ancient leviathan, this 22cm tall lighted building features an outdoor tentacle tank, gigantic zombie sea-dog lurking around the right side of the building, and a toothy eel's maw entrance. 

Halloween in Spooky Town is so lively it's positively deathly! As a Roaring Roadster full of ghouls screeches around a corner, it hops the kerb and nearly mows down a zombie couple. These Pumpkin Snowmen know to keep quiet about what they saw or they won't last the night.

Wanda very kindly forces her sisters to crash in a dark and dusty corner of her cosy cottage while she sleeps upstairs in an enormous bed. But Wanda better watch out! The Pumpkin Witch the wicked sisters created has been ordered to plant Wanda in the garden where she'll push up daisies for eternity.

Next door, a family of ghosts dwelling in this charming purple Ghost Cottage have rented a room to an exchange student from the Land of the Living. After one night, their new tenant vanished, never to be seen again.

Check out more of our favourites from the 2023 Lemax collection in our latest Christmas Elves blog post. Make sure you follow us @witchesofhalloween on Instagram for updates on when the collection arrives in store.