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Harness the Magic of Halloween and Decorate Spookier

Posted by Decorator Witch on

Fangtastic Halloween Decorations and Décor

Harness the magic of Halloween so you can share it and decorate spookier! Dear reader, let us be your faithful familiars and trusted henchmen as we introduce you to the season’s ‘fangtastic’ new décor, rare collectibles, and decorating trends. Something wickedly delightful this way comes, and you won’t want to miss a monstrous moment!

It starts with a tingling sensation at the base of your spine. At odd times, you feel the hairs rise at the nape of your neck. As dusk descends, the wind moans and sighs. When you walk home, you glance repeatedly over your shoulder, expecting to see a familiar form. You tell yourself that it’s just your imagination running away with you. –But you don’t believe that, not really. In the middle of the night, you wake with a start. What’s that scraping against your window? Suddenly you realise that the magic of Halloween has risen and taken hold yet again...

Trick Out Your Collection

Froggy Fern by Bethany Lowe 41cmDead and Breakfast Skeleton Crew by Katherine's Collection 33cmSpooky Halloween Tree with Skeletons 66cm

Fellow witches, warlocks, and Halloween fiends, we know you hunger for the moment you can get your claws on new items for your collection. Let us begin by temping your appetite with a few rare items before they pass into the hereafter forever…

Halloween Gate 8cmAngel of Death 13cmLit Town Clock 14cm

Immerse viewers in your displays with ominous accessories.

  • In this community, the fiercest monsters dwell. You’ll never guess what epic horrors reside behind these gates.
  • The old clock at the eastern side of the town square reliably announces the beginning of the graveyard shift, the arrival of midnight, and the inevitability of the witching hour.
  • The monument to the Angel of Death on the square’s western side is a popular meeting place for doomed lovers.

Spooky Town Newly DeadsSpooky Town Catarina's Fashion ShowWolfie Eats OutSpooky Town Creatures of the Night Pet Shop

The only place to be on Halloween, Lemax’s Spooky Town is the haunted hamlet everyone’s dying to visit. And if you have the marvellous misfortune of finding yourself there, you should enjoy it before the denizens of the dark come to claim you. Tonight, we’ll hitch a ride on the coach with these Newly Deads. So long as we leave them in their shared coffin, they won't mind. Anybody who doesn’t have a body has nearly lost their head trying to get a Catarina's Dia de Los Muertos Fashion Show.  Wolfie has grabbed us some snacks to eat on the way, so we need to pick him up at the Creatures of the Night Pet Shop.

Spooky Town Pumpkin Patch TrainSpooky Town Hideous Harry's Toy FactorySpooky Town Foreboding Abode

While we’re at the show, the kids can ride the Pumpkin Patch Train. We’ll surprise them later with gifts that will make them scream made at Hideous Harry’s Toy Factory by the Scary Toy Maker himself. When we’ve had enough ‘haunt couture’ fashion, we can ask Madame Inez to tell our fortunes at the Foreboding Abode. As dawn approaches, we’ll shamble back to our graves to rest in pieces until night falls again.

A Haunting Outer Transformation

Inflatable Skeleton Pumpkin 180cmInflatable Trick-Or-Treat Monsters 150cmInflatable Shaking Ghost with Tombstone 183cm

Encourage the right sort to darken your doorstep when you transform your front yard and veranda with outdoor decorations. Inflatables have swelled in popularity in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. For starters, they set up faster than a Ghostbuster can capture a free-roaming apparition. Plus, their colourful, quirky themes light up the night with whimsy.

  • We’re positively ‘possessed’ by this adorable skeleton pumpkin. (Our 2023 fave!)
  • Trick-or-treating is for everyone, even the undead at heart.
  • Too cute to be scary, this kitty has more charisma than claws.
  • Last night we met a happy ghost who says she's having the time of her afterlife.
  • What has eight legs and casts spells? –A spider witch!
  • Mr Reaper refuses to rest in peace until you swear he’s the scariest thing you’ve ever seen.

Transfigure any outdoor area into a haven of horrors with this ‘season of the witch’ theme using decorations that can weather the elements.

  • Hang a witch or three from doors, fences, trees, or walls.
  • Drape lots of spider webs full of glitter spiders and hairy spiders around windows and outdoor furniture. (Avoid putting webbing on hedges so real creepy crawlies don’t get caught in it.)
  • Give the witches a menagerie of familiars to keep them company. Think scary bats, rats, and snakes.
  • Throw a few body parts and skeletons around the place for authenticity. Witches are very messy eaters, after all!

Hey, Pumpkin!

Start planning your Halloween decorating by picking the perfect pumpkin – or five! Arrange small or large groups of pumpkins on mantlepieces, hearths, sideboards, end tables, and more. Leave them to stand proudly on their own or incorporate them into vignettes with floristry and figurines. Pumpkins are some of the most versatile decorations around, so the possibilities are endless. Here’s how we’re decorating with our favourites:

Burgundy & Cream Jewelled Pumpkin 16cmGlitter Pumpkin 14cmPumpkin Glass Candle Holder 10cm (7.5cm at right)

'Levitated Style'

Halloween, but make it chic. If scary and creepy are not to your taste, you’re not alone. Seasonal yet elevated displays featuring pumpkins offer a more sophisticated approach to Halloween decorating. Begin with this burgundy and cream pumpkin. Covered in lush velvet with segments outlined in diamantes and sporting a glittery stem, this is the most stylish gourd we’ve ever come across. Assemble one or a few of them in the centre of your display space and lie burgundy banksia leaf sprays and red gold crab apple leaf sprays around the pumpkins. Finish with a scattering of cream hydrangea blossoms over the garnet sprays. Presto! You’ve made a display decadent enough for Dracula’s Parisian pad.

Silly Gourd!

Frightful? –More like ‘frightfully funny’! These oddball pumpkins make people snicker rather than shriek. If you’re hosting a herd of little monsters for a Halloween party, turn to these guys for decorating inspiration.

A fella needs to get dressed up and feeling dapper on the biggest night of the year! Wearing his best top hat covered in spider webs, our wacky pal shares his big smile with the world.

If this zany trio can teach us anything, it’s that we shouldn’t take Halloween too seriously. Hang these moody dudes from your Halloween tree or from sturdy lamps.

Pumpkin Pizzazz 

Shiny things attract creatures of the night, so get glitzy. Glitter pumpkins give off an eerie chic vibe. Decorate discretely by stationing them singly surrounded by lush houseplants, on tables, or in corners. Build haunting tableaus by grouping a few together to serve as a backdrop for for your favourite figurines and table pieces.

Keep the darkness at bay with flickering candlelight (votives or cool LEDs) contained within pumpkin-shaped glass candle holders (10cm & 7.5cm).

Pumpkin with Web Top Hat 29cmSilly Halloween Pumpkins (3 Styles) 8–10cm

The Addams Family

Light Up Uncle Fester 7.5cmGomez & Morticia 7.5cmWednesday & Pugsley 5cm

Kooky, and ‘altogether ooky’, the Addams Family dwell in a world of never-ending spookiness. On Halloween night itself, they all gather in the Family Crypt for a monster-sized party and rave till dawn.

  • Gomez always smiles like he’s having the time of his life. Morticia, on the other hand, looks like she’s having the time of her death. They both couldn’t be happier.
  • Wednesday and Pugsley reckon only kids go trick-or-treating. They much prefer mischief-and-terrifying.
  • Lurch could have taken the night off, but he didn’t want to miss out on the fun – and the overtime pay.
  • Granny Frump love plants, but only if they're poisonous.
  • Uncle Fester has dressed up as a lamp for Halloween. Again.
  • Cousin It arrives at parties immaculately coiffed and unfashionably early.

Those who fancy the more whimsical side of Halloween embrace the eccentrically macabre Addams Family. Display the figurines in quirky vignettes with floristry, lights, and creepy creatures. These pop culture favourites will never look out of place, even after Halloween’s passing. Group your collection together and – snap, snap – spread offbeat humour all year long.


Mickey Mouse Ghost Treat Jar 20cmMickey Mouse Pumpkin Mug with Lid 15cmMickey Mouse Plant Pot 20cm

Mickey and Minnie love getting in on the haunt! Disney décor and accessories make great gifts, even for those who say they’re not that into Halloween.

What’s better than a jack-o’-lantern? –Why, a Mick-o’-lantern, of course! At first glance, this headband looks like an orange pair of mouse ears. But it is so much more! Constructed of vegan leather, the jack-o’-lantern versions of Mickey and Minnie glow in the dark. Tell the world you’re a Disney fan without saying a word when you wear this as part of a costume or to take the kids trick-or-treating.

Store special treats for your nearest and dearest in this pumpkin-shaped treat jar. Rest easy knowing that Mickey will make sure the lid stays on tight when you’re out replenishing your supplies.

Brew up instant Halloween spirit whenever you sip your favourite potions from this Mickey Mouse pumpkin mug with matching lid. –Psst! It’s also a great hiding spot for a secret stash of sweets.

Every houseplant wants to be a pumpkin for Halloween, and this 20cm ceramic planter could do the trick. To arrange a beguiling floristry display, place a foam block inside and pierce it with seasonal stems.

Halloween Hijinks for Less

Halloween 2023 on a BOO-dget!

Finances giving you a fright? –Not to worry. You won’t need to make surprise sacrifices to celebrate like a mistress of the dark. We can teach you how to ‘boo up’ your lair without selling your soul – or any body parts, for that matter.

  • Discover decorating hacks that won’t slash your budget to ribbons.
  • Peer behind the curtain and master styling tips that will mesmerise and bewitch.
  • Get ‘ghouled up’ and still have spare change for treats you won’t have to share.
  • Plan a party that will become the stuff of urban legends.

Gaze into our crystal ball and be transformed by our tips for fearfully frugal celebrations.

Share the Spookiness

Light Up Howling Wolf

If you have survived this far without falling prey to madness, then you are truly worthy of the dark arts we have revealed. Now it’s your turn to put everything you have learned to use. Share the magic and decorate spookier this Halloween.

Sunrise threatens, so we had better hasten to our coffins, scurry into our caves, and burrow back into our graves…

Happy Decorating! Post photos of your Halloween hijinks on Instagram and tag us: @christmas_elves_ using the hashtag #christmas_elves_ or@witchesofhalloween using the hashtag #witchesofhalloween