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‘Boo’ for 2022: the Sweet & Spooky Flavours of Katherine’s Collection

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Boo-witching Katherine's Collection

Equal parts sophisticated, spooky, and silly, Katherine’s Collection conjures up wickedly wonderful table pieces, figurines, and homewares. 'Eek-ceptional' new concepts and rare vintage collectibles haunt this year's Halloween collection. 

Disturbing Delights

Katherine's Collection Orange Lolly Lane Doll 99cmKatherine's Collection Orange Poppy Puddin' Boy 99cm

You wouldn’t accept candy from strangers, would you? The Disturbing Delights Collection delivers ample helpings of ‘sweet & sinister’ with delectable combinations of classic Halloween candies, colours, and characters. Once October rolls around, these darling dolls dream of nothing but trick-or-treating. The Orange Lolly Lane Doll and Orange Poppy Puddin’ Boy love candy corn so much that they’ve decided to dress up as their favourite American treat. Covered in vibrant orange and yellow textured fabrics and wearing conical candy corn caps, both figurines stand 99cm tall and come with their own display platforms. Don’t let this pretty pair fool you. They will definitely return home with their special totes full of treats, even if they have to stage some tricks along the way.

Katherine's Collection Kandee Korn Witch Doll 50.5cmKatherine's Collection Sugar Dandy Doll 106.5cmKatherine's Collection Sweetie Pie Witch Doll 111.5cm

Not to be outdone by a couple of kids, the Kandee Korn Witch Doll’s costume pilfers the colours of candy corn and positions them on a plush pumpkin-shaped dress. Adorned with intricate piping, spiral pendants, and jewelled sprinkles, this witch dares you to devise a more original outfit. She has coiffed her hair in a fashionable pumpkin stem, and her hat reminds us of a fungus we dare not let touch us.

Sugar Dandy Doll demands more sugar on everything. Just looking at his suit will give you cavities, from his red liquorice trousers to his bowtie and cummerbund encrusted in 100s & 1000s and his coat covered in sprinkles. Does he look like he cares what your dentist thinks?

Sweetie Pie Witch will forever hunt the children who escaped by baking her sister in an oven centuries ago. At first, her baleful glare and frightening frown seem to contrast with the candied costume. But look beyond the cupcake casing cuffs, pie-lattice skirt, and candied buttons. A flattened skeleton cookie shaped like a chubby child tops her rolling pin staff and sugar skulls decorate her hat. Once she has you in her sights, you’re as good as dessert!

Brunhilda’s Boutique

This Halloween season the stylish wear spiders. Brunhilda, the head jewellery designer of the Katherine’s Collection coven has hatched an assortment of astonishingly attractive arachnids to dress up the ‘everyghoul’. Simply clip them on and begin to weave a web of elegance. Only true queens of the night possess the attitude to pull off these looks.

–Arachnophobes, if you’re still reading, skip ahead now…

Katherine's Collection Brunhilda's Spider ClipKatherine's Collection Brunhilda's Spider Clip 15cm (2 Styles)

Katherine's Collection Krooked King Spider Clip 12.5cmKatherine's Collection Krooked King Scorpion Clip 20cm

  • A sensational staple, Brunhilda’s original spider clip accompanies any robe, cowl, or shroud with flair. Two large costume jewels form the body. A generous glass diamond cephalothorax leads to a black glass diamond abdomen encircled by diamantes. From the junction of those segments emerge lithe and long legs with three large diamantes on each. Faceted glass joints complete this look of demure glamour.
  • Be bold and accessorise your sombre attire with glistening green and powerful purple spider clips. Jointed golden legs lead to pentagonal beads and faceted gems which match both head and abdomen. Sold separately, you’ll find you crave both bewitching colours.
  • The Krooked King Spider Clip entices unwitting mortals into your web. A midnight-black head and abdomen support a set of frightful mandibles and onyx beaded legs with glass joints. With this familiar at your side, you won’t need to shoo away annoying pests.
  • When the day calls for greater venom, secure a scorpion over your heart. The Krooked King Scorpion Clip tells the world that you mean business. Shimmering crystals envelop both abdomen and forelegs. Pincers warn against any sudden moves. A beaded tail takes aim, ready to strike first and ask questions later. This brooch isn’t just fashion, it’s ‘fashion-formidable’.

Restless Spirits

Some spectres refuse to rest. Fitful revenants, they cling to the world of the living. These rare vintage classic pieces evoke the hereafter in the here and now. Catch these spectral forms before the retire and forever rest in peace.

Katherine's Collection Inkwell 29cmKatherine's Collection Cat and Bat Scales 40cmKatherine's Collection Gargoyle on Tombstone 36cm

Join us as we tour the Restless Spirits Cemetery. We assure you of your safety, but you’ll need to sign your life away first, just in case. Pay no mind to the scales for now. At the end of the tour, you’ll have a chance to weigh your heart and soul to discover your ultimate destination. The ‘nearly departed’ treasure their tombstones for they give them a place to call home. The current craze insists on ‘haute decay’. 

Katherine's Collection Tabletop Vulture Staff 63.5cmKatherine's Collection Dead and Breakfast House Guest SkeletonKatherine's Collection Skeleton crew 33cm

Step lively and duck inside this crypt. We trust you know better than to meddle with wildlife, should you wish to retain all your body parts. Unlike those in the world of the living, the vultures here eschew carrion in favour of nibbling on anything with a beating heart that can fight back. Try not to gawk at skeletons. They’re only going about their daily death, like you and me. Some, like this fine fellow, go running because exercise improves ‘death-being’. Others immerse themselves in careers of service. This Skeleton Crew staff a ‘dead and breakfast’ with a five-skull rating.

Katherine's Collection Floating Lady in Mourning Doll 59cmKatherine's Collection Halloween Shopkeeper 55cm

Certainly, some of these phantoms lived during a far more genteel and refined era than our own. The Floating Lady in Mourning once acted and sang on stages all across Europe, North America, and Australia. However, when the roles dried up, she fell to becoming a magician’s assistant. One night, a trick went horribly wrong. Now, she forever wears the bridal costume from that fateful night. Some people devote themselves to their work so much that they don’t know when to quit. The Halloween Shopkeeper bustles about in his cyclops monster apron, filling orders for all sorts of apparitions. He always keeps his pet rat in his left pocket and a bottle of soothing spirits in his right. Who knew that business would be booming like this in the afterlife? 

Peculiar Pumpkins

Katherine's Collection Pumpkin with Candy Bowl 60cm

The pumpkins in this patch grow a little oddly because witches dance here under the full moon. More than mere jack-o’-lanterns, these gorgeous gourds won’t be in season forever, so get them while they’re nice and ripe. This lad holds a huge bowl for all your favourite sweets. He promises he won’t eat them all! 

Katherine's Collection Wisteria Wildgrass Pumpkin 41cmKatherine's Collection Willowmena Wanderweed Pumpkin 43cmKatherine's Collection Wych Hazel Wormwood Pumpkin 38cm

These three witchy sisters all grew on the same vine, so how did they end up so different? Wisteria Wildgrass feels annoyed that she’s constantly breaking up arguments between her sisters ditzy Willowmena Wanderweed and grumpy Wych Hazel Wormwood. Each stone resin table piece shows off its ‘pumpkinality’ with special textures, colours, accessories, and expressions.

The Haunted Pumpkin brothers have dressed up as Dracula and Frankenstein for the big night. They hope to make a lasting impression on the ladies in the next row over. Now, if only they could find a way to roll over to them… This set of two stone resin pumpkins might not know what they’re getting themselves into by asking all three witchy pumpkin sisters out on a date!

Katherine’s Collection gives you the power to conjure up all kinds of Halloween magic. These figurines, table pieces, and accessories quickly become treasured heirlooms that you’ll want to leave to your nearest and dearest when you depart this earthly realm…

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Katherine's Collection Which Way to Witchville Sign 64cm