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Take your skeletons out of the closet and put them on display this Halloween!

Posted by Witches of Halloween on

What skeletons lack in tissues and organs, they make up for in personality. The most versatile of Halloween’s icons, skeletons can be both sinister and silly, sometimes simultaneously. Bone up on your Halloween decorating skills with this skeletal line-up of table pieces, hanging skeletons, and more.

Skeleton Shelf Sitters

This trio of Skeleton Shelf Sitters live their afterlife by one simple motto: ‘Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak no evil.’ —So far, it’s served them rather well. Painted to resemble vintage bone antiques, each skeleton has hinged knees so you can pose them with even more eccentric attitude.

Mark Roberts Mr & Mrs Fashion Skeleton - 79cm

This couple will shake, rattle, and roll their bones in the Big Easy from dusk ‘til dawn. Bedecked in their ‘bayou best’, Mark Roberts’ Mr & Mrs Fashion Skeleton figurines recall the Mardi Gras atmosphere of New Orleans. Each 79cm figurine wears a couture costume in a red, black, and gold colour scheme. She wears a gown with an empress collar, ruffled sleeves, and layers of tulle and lace. Atop a creole turban, her hat supports a millinery marvel of lace and silk flowers. He wears a morning coat in motley with gold lamé lapels and ribbons on his shoulders. A simple black bowtie perfectly counterbalances an overflowing lace shirt collar. His top hat espouses the ‘more is more’ concept with feathers, lace, a brooch, and gold netting. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Halloween Tree with Skeletons - 66cm

Take a walk in the haunted forest and it just might be your last. For centuries, this Haunted Halloween Tree with Skeletons (66cm) has lured unsuspecting wanderers to their doom. Don’t get too close; it’ll devour you and wrap itself in your bones!

Day of the Dead Girl - 21cm

Kurt Adler’s Day of the Dead Girl smiles serenely from her velvet-covered perch. Bringing the magic of Día de Muertos all the way from Mexico, our splendid señorita has flashing eyes and wears a ruby-red rose headdress. She painted her face especially for All Souls’ Day, but you may wish to keep her on display long after.

Light Up Skull StackLight Up SkullLight Up T-Rex Skull

Never be afraid of the dark again when you decorate with light up skull pieces. The gleefully grinning Light Up Skull Stack’s silver detailing and coloured illumination gives any room an instant ‘glow up’. The Halloween Skull frightens off all things that go bump in the night with light up eyes and scary sounds. Trust us, the screeching T-Rex Skull will banish the bogeyman forever. He may not have much brainpower, but he does have an overabundance of teeth.

Skeleton Wreath

Welcome ghoulish guests to your home with this ebony tulle and glittery ribbon Skeleton Wreath. Linked arm in bony arm, this passionate pair wear ‘haunt couture’ with matching arachnid buckles. Don’t leave them hanging. —Ask them in!

Animated Bride & Groom SkeletonsAnimated Bride & Groom Skeletons

Animated skeletons breathe undead life into Halloween festivities. Nobody had better object to the union of this ghastly couple! These 90cm battery-powered Animated Bride and Groom Skeletons celebrate unholy matrimony by kicking, laughing, groaning, and glaring giddily. Why don’t they just elope, already?

Talking Bride & Groom Skeleton Couple

Everyone knows that the reception is where all the fun begins! Snuggling cheek to cheek, this 170cm Talking Bride and Groom wail their love to the world.

Life Size Hanging Skeleton - 1.6mHanging Posable Skeleton - 95cm

Let your imagination lead the way when you create different characters each year just by dressing your hanging skeletons in outlandish outfits. The Life Size Hanging Skeleton (1.6m) can adapt to an afterlife both indoors and out. Let him hang around as-is or dress him up. Silly or sinister, he’ll be the hero piece of your display. Every hero needs a sidekick, so look no further than the Hanging Poseable Skeleton (95cm). What adventures will you brew up for these fossilised friends?

Upside Down Hanging Skeleton - 1mLife Size Climbing Skeleton - Not Animated

‘BOO!’ The Upside Down Hanging Skeleton loves making people jump out of their skin. —Did he scare you? And talk about creepy, this Life Size Climbing Skeleton thinks that you won't notice him if he doesn't move. Stay well away!

Skeleton RatRat Skeleton - 30cmScorpion SkeletonSpider Skeleton

Rats, scorpions, and spiders are skeletons’ best friends. Keep your skeletons from getting lonely and give them petrified pet friends. Don’t worry, they won’t bite!

At Halloween, the humble skeleton is a versatile essential ingredient. No one will ever have a bone to pick with your decorating when you include a few skeletons in your displays.

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