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Summon the mischievous magic of Halloween with the best of 2021's offerings from Mark Roberts, Katherine’s Collection, and Lemax, plus secrets for bewitching year-round displays!

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Witches of Halloween 2021 Collection

If you’re anything like us, you cannot wait to start decorating for Halloween. You sense the excitement building every September. (Or maybe even July or August!) New products tempt you. You itch to experiment with some of those decorating trends you see emerging on social media. Still, you hold back and patiently wait for October 1.

But why wait? What if you could summon the mischievous magic of Halloween and keep the cauldron brewing all year long? —Well, you can! The secret lies in how you display your favourite collectible pieces.

Your Witches of Halloween delight in discovering the latest figurines, table pieces, and more from our most 'boo-loved' brands. Then, we experiment with fresh decorating ideas so we can share the results with you. Fellow ‘haunted holiday’ enthusiast, we humbly present to you our suggestions to help create displays for your Halloween collectibles that last all year long, as well as the newest products you’ll want to add to your collection.

Three Secrets to Decorating with Collectibles All Year Long

Tell a story. Group figurines, table pieces, and accessories together to create scenes that entice the imagination, whatever the size of your collection. Specially dedicated shelves and side tables work best.

Put on a solo act. Draw attention to a single piece by displaying it with very few accessories or embellishments. While this tip works for collections of any size, it makes smaller collections really shine.

Brew up a brand showcase. Those with larger collections can use glass-fronted or Perspex display cases to house pieces by brand. Some collectors devote entire rooms to their impressive collections.

Spellbinding Products of 2021

All of these have possessed us with a frightful fervour for the spooky season!

Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts has created a wicked collection of wonderful witches for Halloween 2021. Available in both petite and statuesque versions, these witchy sisters wear beguiling ensembles featuring smart pencil-leg trousers underneath generous gowns finished off with a pair of bat's wings. —No angels here!

Mark Roberts Rich Witch 33cmMark Roberts Rich Witch 54.5cm

Rich Witch

Genteel and sophisticated beyond compare, rich witches conduct all their mystical affairs at the top end of town. Both wear a sparkling opalescent gown with a ruffled hem. A bejewelled, slender belt with a floral buckle helps create a chic silhouette. This most opulent of gowns features shoulder pads atop amply draping crimson hanging sleeves which in turn reveal feathered bell sleeves with cuffs. Above a subdued smile, glittering horn-rimmed spectacles frame kind eyes. Rich Witch has sensibly tucked her auburn coiffure under a climbing witch’s hat so that her tarantula familiar can roam freely without tangling itself in her curls. 

Mark Roberts Life of Luxury Witch 35.5cmMark Roberts Life of Luxury Witch 56cm

Life of Luxury Witch

While Rich Witch is ‘old money’, Life of Luxury Witch proudly radiates ‘new money’. She has developed a tase for the finer things in life and isn’t ashamed to show off a little. Swathed in a gown of regal purples and mossy greens with a generous application of sequins, jewels, feathers, and wisps of chiffon, our debonair enchantress radiates glamour. She always treats others to a generous smile and never fears being left on her own since her rat familiar, Gorgonzola, never leaves her side. Whenever she encounters uncouth people, she simply lets out a cackle, tosser her gunmetal curls and keeps marching to the beat of her own drummer.

Mark Roberts Magic Mushroom Witch 31.5cmMark Roberts Magic Mushroom Witch 54.5cm

Magic Mushroom Witch

Unapologetically ‘out there’, Magic Mushroom Witch dabbles in dubious magic. She wears diaphanous black lace and bolts of orange ribbons over a patterned purple and black lamé dress with matching trousers. Multicoloured sequins shimmer from her belt as well as the cuffs at her wrists and ankles. Carrot-coloured curls tumble from beneath her shiny, cobalt hat, shaped like her favourite fungus. Cunningly disguised as a belt buckle, a bat familiar accompanies the 54.5cm figurine. Magic Mushroom Witch dwells on the ethereal plane with no plans to return to earth anytime soon. Once you see the world through her eyes, you’ll want to join her.

Mark Roberts Bat Berry Pie witch 34cmMark Roberts Bat Berry Pie Witch 58cm

Bat Berry Pie Witch

No to be confused with a ‘domestic goddess’, Bat Berry Pie Witch bakes magical confections that you dare not sample. Her ‘fashion forward’ sense of style elevates Halloween couture by combining contrasting patterns and textures. Who would’ve thought that green lizard print trousers paired with a coppery spider’s web skirt would look so fetching? Rosemaling on her overcoat and bodice honours this witch’s Celtic roots. Ginger ringlets fall to a feathered collar from a chef’s hat in motley festooned with ribbons, jewels, and…tomatoes? Accompanied by her bat familiar, the 58cm figurine proudly displays a ‘bat berry pie’, whatever that is. —Hold on: the cheeky 34cm sibling has stolen a piece! Very naughty!

Old World Christmas

Old World Christmas Masked Jack O'lantern Glass Ornament - 10cmOld World Christmas Witches Hat Glass Ornament - 7.5cmOld World Christmas Halloween Cauldron Glass Ornament - 8cm

Like peanut butter with jam and sea salt with caramel, Halloween and Christmas go great together. Why not resurrect the spirit of Halloween by adding these ornaments to your Christmas tree? —Better yet, sow the seeds of a new tradition with a ‘Halloween tree’. Hang glittered glass ornaments by Old World Christmas along with other spooky season symbols from a bare branch. Our tip: choose a branch that looks like a skeletal hand reaching out from the Great Beyond…

Katherine’s Collection

There’s no Halloween without pumpkins! Whatever your taste, Katherine’s Collection has just the pumpkin to satisfy your appetite. But to find them, you’ll have to visit the Enchanted Pumpkin Patch on the outskirts of town. Lucky we know the way, because you won’t find it on any map...

Katherine's Collection Which Way To Witchville Pumpkin Street Sign 64cm

The trick is to head in the one direction this Pumpkin Street Sign (64cm) doesn’t point. Trust in the magic of Halloween to guide you, and you’ll always find your way.

Katherine's Collection Haunted Pumpkins (30cm Set of 2)

What a racket! This pumpkin patch is positively, well, pumping! Get a load of this ‘gruesome twosome’. These Haunted Pumpkins really take after their Halloween icons. Keep your distance: they don’t look friendly. In fact, that one with the teeth looks hungry…

Katherine's Collection Halloween Pumpkin holding a Candy Bowl 60cm

Now this is more like it. Check out this adorable Pumpkin with Candy Bowl. Ready for his favourite night of the year, he’s tousled his straw hair in a trendy style and wears his best mossy collar and cuffs. Every bit of detail lavished upon this ‘pumpkin sprite’, from his kind eyes and smiling mouth to the delicate hands and childlike feet, reveals more of his character. You’ll adore and treasure this one for years to come. The lush colours, eye-catching patterns, and original thought behind this piece will make you treasure him for Halloweens beyond number.

Katherine's Collection Wisteria Wildgrass Pumpkin 41cmKatherine's Collection Willowmena Wanderweed Pumpkin 43cmKatherine's Collection Wych Hazel Wormwood Pumpkin 38cm

Beware! By the pricking of our thumbs, our way leads to something wicked. Steer clear of these three sinister sisters if you value your life.

Wisteria Wildgrass sizes us up. Ever inscrutable, her cunning, along with her army of arachnids, makes her a formidable foe.

Don’t be fooled by Willowmena Wanderweed’s gap-toothed grin. She uses it to disarm unsuspecting visitors so she can ensnare them in her tentacle-like vines.

Nothing personal, but Wych Hazel Wormwood disapproves of everyone. She really ought to learn how to conceal her negativity. After all, the wrong person could take exception to her scowls, and she wouldn't want that. —Or would she?

Katherines Halloween Pumpkins (Set of 3. Tallest 38cm.)

At last! Just what we were looking for. Topped with golden curlicue stems, this set of three plush velvet pumpkins lend a festive, fun feel to Halloween. Each one’s harlequin motley pattern incorporates both warm and cool orange tones framed by pearly beadwork and braided ribbon. Let’s grab these, make like trees, and ‘leaf’. Who knows what else might lurk in this haunted pumpkin patch?!

Lemax Spooky Town

Lemax Spooky Town

Whether you dwell in this world or the next, Spooky Town is the Halloween holiday destination! Every year, Lemax concocts mesmerising new signature light-up pieces, bewitching table accents, charming figurines, and delightful accessories

Our favourite motorised light-up pieces come from the Lemax ‘Sights & Sounds’ collection. Each one tells a tale using flickering lights, moving parts aplenty, and soundtracks that are scary, spooky, and downright kooky.

Lemax Evil Spirits Whiskey Distillery

Evil Spirits Whiskey Distillery

Brewed up in the mind of a devout Lemax fan, Evil Spirits Whiskey Distillery won the latest ‘You Name It. We Create It.’ holiday contest. Its creator describes it as ‘the Irish-born baby of (collector favourites) Grinning Goblin Brewery and Yulesteiner Brewery.’

Set to a sinister soundtrack, fiery colours and belching flames distinguish this piece from amongst the dreary otherworldly businesses of Spooky Town. A copper still dominates the roofline as spectres circle at the rear. Into the ever-present night sky, fire erupts from both the still and two blood-coloured brick chimneys. Light pulses ominously as poltergeists power the operation. Great barrel-shaped iron tanks on the left side of the building store the eerily glowing finished product whilst a crew of skeleton labourers toil at street level. One bloke’s enjoying a bevvie on smoko as his mate attempts to manage the revolving filling station all on his own. —Yikes! Over at the loading dock, the team go around in circles, rolling and carrying barrels full of whiskey and whatever cryptic ingredients make their way into the distillery’s devilish brews…

Lemax Web Of Terror Ferris Wheel

Web of Terror Ferris Wheel

Once on board, there’s no escape! The perfect trap to ensnare food for a growing brood. Spiders swarm across the wheel’s weblike frame and sit atop every basket, patiently stalking their prey. Colourful lights, mesmerising movement, and haunting carnival melodies threaten to beguile you, but keep your head, lest the spiders take it from you. A ride on the Web of Terror Ferris Wheel will transform you into an arachnophobe, providing you survive.

Lemax Halloween Party

Halloween Party

These vampires know how to party! Forget the dancefloor, all the action is taking place in the dining room. Every ravenous monster, famished werewolf, and underfed zombie in Spooky Town had hoped to score an invitation to this banquet bash. A procession of ghoulish guests circles a heavily-laden table. As they gorge themselves on delectable fare, a peculiarly potent punch percolates in a grand and gory fountain. The revellers rage on to the sounds of spirits wreaking havoc throughout the crumbling castle. Menacing lightening flashes across the parapets and towers above whilst strategically-placed glowing jack-o’-lanterns lure unsuspecting trick-or-treaters below. Why, look! —A few unlucky boys and girls are walking up the path now. A jolly spectre soars through the decrepit guardhouse just as one of our undead hosts floats down to greet them. Calling over his shoulder, he announces: ‘Dessert has arrived!’

Table accents, accessories, and figurines flesh out the stories in the whimsically unique Spooky Town that you create. We can’t do without this outlandishly offbeat selection:

Lemax Girls Night Out On Halloween

Girls Night Out on Halloween

Fashionably late, this trio of wily witches burn rubber in their dilapidated 1950s midnight black convertible all the way to the vampires' Halloween party. Their hapless familiars hang on for dear life as the driver makes like hell on wheels, zigzagging along the highway. Not a soul is safe with these banshees on the road!

Lemax Witch Gazebo

Witch Gazebo

With all the witches gone, these familiars enjoy the rare treat of a night off. Though their witches compelled them to guard a set of precious brooms, nobody said anything about staying home. They've invited all witch-helpers, including the neighbourhood jack-o'-lanterns, to their own party at the gazebo in the park. The ‘purr-fect’ place to house any celebration for witches, warlocks, and their friends, broomstick columns support a witch hat roof with pumpkin lanterns strung along its brim. An absent-minded witch has left a cauldron bubbling away inside. If they know what’s good for them, the familiars will stay well away from the noxious elixir fermenting within…

Lemax Halloween Cats (Set Of 5)Lemax Broom Parking Rack

‘Meow!’ Because their witches never let them dress up for Halloween, this feline fivesome wore their favourite costumes and went trick-or-treating on the way to the gazebo gathering. Witch Cat looks poised to cast a spell or deliver a mighty scratch. Bat Cat stares balefully. Pumpkin Cat thinks his costume is a little tight. Jester Cat keeps telling jokes that bomb. Lion Cat decides to stretch while he waits on everyone else to get themselves sorted so they can all skedaddle.

Mischievous Magic Managed

Keeping a few of your most-loved collectibles on display allows you to appreciate their quirkiness and whimsy whenever you like. Best of all, you’ll be able to summon the magic of Halloween all year long. 


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