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Cast A Phantom-tastic Spell This Halloween with our 2022 Collection

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Spooky, silly, sweet, stylish, sinister…our 2022 Halloween collection holds something for everyone, no matter what your brand of hocus pocus. Hop on a broomstick and fall under our spell as we reveal ‘fangtastic’ decorations and tips to help you conjure the Halloween of your dreams – or nightmares.

Spellbinding Favourites

Having dwelt on this earthly plane for centuries, we Witches of Halloween are not easily impressed. However, these fresh takes have us firmly in their thrall…

Katherine's Collection Purple Bat and Cat Scales 40cmKatherine's Collection Halloween Inkwell 29cm

Three familiars are better than one. Your favourite witch confidantes join forces in the Purple Bat and Cat Scales by Katherine’s Collection. Ferociously captivating, a regal purple bat with faux fur and gold lace detail perches atop an iconic black cat wearing a choker and a malevolant expression. While the bat holds a set of ponderous scales in its outstretched wings, a quartet of rats puts their full weight against a supporting column to ensure the entire stack stands strong. This table piece has truly bestowed new life upon us.

All our victims – ahem, customers – sign binding contracts with us using this Halloween Pen and Inkwell, part of the ‘Dead and Breakfast’ series by Katherine’s Collection. The generous plume of this pen has us nostalgic for the first quill we ever held back in 1692.

Funko Pop! Nightmare Before Christmas Set of 4

Funko has resurrected the beloved cast from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Styled in all-new poses, this foursome can be purchased in a complete set or individually. Jack never looked more handsome, if you ask us. However, something very tenderly rendered in Sally Sewing tugs quite strongly at our ancient heartstrings.

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin with Web Top Hat 29cmBethany Lowe Silly Halloween Pumpkins (3 Designs)

Stroll down to the Pumpkin Patch to meet the most genial gourds of the season and experience a Halloween more whimsical than wicked.

Who can resist returning this jolly gentleman’s silly smile? The happiest pumpkin in the patch, this plush 29cm table piece wears a dapper web print top hat accessorised with a jaunty ribbon and purple tinsel. His eyes seem to follow you around the room, but that’s only because they’re so googly.

These Silly Pumpkins cannot agree on how best to spend Halloween night. With personalities forever at odds, you’d never believe all three sprouted from the same vine. Hang these 10.8cm stone resin decorations around your home or place them in your own pumpkin patch display.

Mark Roberts Pumpkin Elf 43cmMark Roberts Pumpkin Fairies 25cm (2 Styles)

Just imagine all the Halloween hijinks the elves and fairies get up to in the Pumpkin Patch! The 43cm Pumpkin Elf winks cheekily as he gives a gap-toothed grin. His fluffy beard flows down all the way to a very intricately ribboned belt. This trickster’s poseable limbs let you create full-body expressions to reveal more of his personality. Based on what we see here, we reckon this elf prefers to play tricks rather than receive treats!

Pumpkin Fairies love trading pranks with the elves! Both 25cm poseable figurines wear fanciful outfits laden with complementary pumpkin imagery, from their stemlike caps to their pumpkin-print waistcoats and all the way down to their boots. He wears pumpkin pantaloons and she a puffy pumpkin skirt with a gauzy overlay. Her harlequin tights match the band around the base of his cap. Each carries their very own sign to spread the Halloween spirit.

Eerie-sistable Decorating Tips

Pumpkin & Spiderweb Ribbon 10mKurt Adler Day of the Dead Ornaments 12cm (2 Designs)Katherine's Collection Brunhilda's Jewelled Spiders (2 Styles)

Decorators, Halloween for you means using floristry, ornaments and twinkling lights to invoke the subtler side of Halloween magic.If you haven't put up a Halloween tree before, make this year the first of many.

  1. Use a branch that you find outdoors or buy one from a craft shop. When it comes to colour, we prefer natural wood, skeleton white, or pitch black. However, you could paint your tree any popular spooky season colour: mystical purple, pumpkin orange, or even ‘gang-green’.
  2. Next, place your branch in a sturdy vase, pot or urn. Choose a plain, unblemished glass or ceramic vessel or opt for a delightfully decrepit cracked, chipped antique or vintage vase from an op-shop. Securely position your branch by wedging it in place with polystyrene pieces, sand, castoff bits of fabric, or rocks and pebbles.
  3. Time to decorate. Wrap your tree with lights first: orangepurplewhite, or black. If the strand is too long, tuck the remaining lights into the vase and let them glow from within, wrap them around the vessel, or let them spill out across the table.
  4. After the lights, weave ribbons through the branches. Choose colours that complement your lights and tree or try this quaint art nouveau-inspired pumpkin and spiderweb ribbon.
  5. Now, start hanging your ornaments. We recommend these beguiling Day of the Dead ornaments by Kurt Adler and darkly sparkling black sequined baubles. With a little string or ribbon, Lemax Spooky Town figurines make great ornaments, too.
  6. Lastly, clip on a pair of Brunhilda’s jewelled spiders so they look like they’re crawling along the branches of your ‘terror-ific’ tree.

Fierce Floristry

Black Poinsettia with Stem 30cmKatherine's Collection Purple Glitter Spray 81cmBlack Butterfly with Gold Glimmer Highlights 10cmPurple Glitter Bead Spray 60cm

Dear Reader, we nominate the midnight-black poinsettia as the unofficial floral emblem for Halloween 2022. They darkly glitter and carry the merest hint of the macabre. Nothing sets them off better than purple glitter sprays and black butterflies. Delve into our top tips for frightfully ‘faboolous’ Halloween floral displays:

  • Arrange stems in a vessel of your choice to summon ethereal Hallows Eve vibes.
  • For a quirky display, station Spooky Town figurines within the bouquet.
  • Spotlight a prized large figurine or table piece by surrounding it with floristry. The Guardian Angel of Death and Haunted Halloween Tree with Skeletons would look ‘boo-witching’ encircled by floristry.
  • Include pumpkins!
  • Add jewelled spider clips and skeletons for ghastlier otherworldly themes.

Little Terrors 

Little Girls Witch CostumeGirls Witch CostumeLand of the Dead Child's Costume (Mask Sold Separately)

Is trick-or-treating the reason for the season in your home? Brew up a big night they’ll always remember with our list of essential trick-or-treat trappings. (And we have adult costumes so you can ‘boo up’, too.)

  • Jack-o’-lanterns: Get the family together and carve jeering gourds and pesky pumpkins with our handy 4-in-1 carving tool. You’ll need this scoop to clear out all the goop! Stencil your way to success and let them think you created these 10 ornate designs all on your own.
  • Secure stashes of candy, chocolate, and other goodies with character-themed and illustrated bags. (Or decorate your own paper bag with these stickers.) Hand out special treats in mini pumpkin baskets to the best cosplayers.
  • Which witch costume will your apprentice spellbinder choose? Perhaps a new hat for the occasion? Plainlace, or spider’s silk
  • Bedeck burgeoning masters and mistresses of the dark in the latest ‘haunt couture’ caped suitstrendy half-cape ensembles, and gowns. Who needs to cast a reflection when you can enchant with a mere glance?

Boys Vampire Halloween CostumeVampiress Halloween GownVampire Cape Costume 110cm


Transform your yard, veranda, patio, courtyard, and balcony into a wicked spectacle with inflatables. Made of water-resistant, durable polyester fabric, each inflatable comes with bright LED lights to bring them to life, as well as stakes and ropes to anchor them securely. They also work well indoors. Decorate for a monster of a Halloween party by placing inflatables in corners and other low traffic areas. Weigh them down with sandbags or books. Each strange and scary character has its own frightful personality.

Inflatable Grim Reaper 244cmInflatable Witch 305cmInflatable Mummy with Disco Lights 182cm

Inflatable Spider 122cmInflatable Tombstones 213cmInflatable Witch Sisters 183cm

Things That Go Bump in the Night

You’ll want to invite these fearsome creatures to your haunt if you’re howling for a good scare. Skip this section if you frighten easily…

Every Halloween, this awful appendage stirs from its resting place and advances on unsuspecting mortals. The Green Thing comes with three AA batteries. Once activated, it crawls in search of potential victims. If you stay very still, it will stop. This is your chance to escape. However, should you make any noise, it will reanimate and resume its search. –Flee so you don’t end up in its clutches!

Who-who-whoo’s there? These vicious owls will swoop down and carry your soul away. Hang either of them from the ceiling or a doorway to terrorise unwanted visitors.

What’s red and black and happens to be climbing up your bed post? –An overly aggressive arachnid! Your Halloween can’t be truly horrible without spiders.

Spooky Town

Lemax Spooky Town The Witching HourLemax Spooky Town The Horrid Haunted Hotel

Collectors, this one’s for you. The haunted hamlet where the dead have sojourned to rest in pieces has grown with the times and may yet threaten the realm of the living. Check out Lemax’s latest Spooky Town pieces for 2022.

You’ve heard of ‘happy hour’? Well, here they call it ‘the witching hour’. Sinister sisters on broomsticks circle above as they rest of their coven labours below.

Check in at the Horrid Haunted Hotel and you’ll be pushing up daises by morning. Your poor unfortunate soul will forever roam the dark halls powerless to escape.

Lemax Spooky Town Skull QuarryLemax Spooky Town Pumpkin Tree House

Every town has special landmarks that attract tourists time and again. In Spooky Town, visitors flock to Skull Quarry and the Pumpkin Treehouse, but nobody ever sees them leaving. Construct a nightmarish tale that will wholly consume you by completing your creepy community with table pieces, figurines, and accessories.

Lemax Spooky Town Last Ditch Tow TruckLemax Spooky Town Pumpkin Truck

Lemax Spooky Town Black Cat CountdownLemax Spooky Town Always a GentlemanLemax Spooky Town Witchy Cauldron

Nobody wants a case of the ‘boos’ on Halloween. Trust your Witches to provide whatever you need to scare up a ghoulishly grand celebration. Summon us in-store or contact us here.

Mickey Mouse Loungefly Mickey-O-Lantern HeadbandGuardian Angel of Death Tombstone 13cmPumpkin Candy Baskets 6-Pack

Get social with the Witches of Halloween! Post photos of your displays to Instagram and tag us: @witchesofhalloween or #witchesofhalloween