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Weave wacky Halloween magic with the help of wickedly wonderful witches.

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The divas of the spooky season, witches captivate and beguile with their mischievous magic, madcap antics, and malicious tricks. Get into the weird world of witches with fantastic figurines, hilarious hanging pieces, and cool costumes from Witches of Halloween.


Katherine's Collection Young Witch with Broom

This enchanting Young Witch from Katherine’s Collection will cast a spell on you. A witch doesn’t need to be wicked to stand in her power. Standing 61cm tall, she has a brand-new broomstick and is itching to soar across the sky with her sisters. Precocious and pretty, her sparkling amber eyes reflect the delight of newfound magical knowledge. Raven-haired plaits frame a heart-shaped, exquisitely hand-painted face with an adorable pixie nose and smirking mouth. Position her arms so she can wave her magic wand and cast arcane spells from her grimoire.

Clothed from head to toe in a bewitching Halloween-coloured patchwork confection of tulle, lace, and sequins, her outfit dazzles the eye. Make sure you appreciate the fashion forward contrasting striped sleeves and tights, too. No mere ‘hat’, her unique millinery features a glittery purple point and black faux fur trim. Quantities of rhinestones and lace mean her fetching winged boots are made for flying, and that’s just what she’ll do.

Bethany Lowe Witch on Toadstool

From Bethany Lowe Designs, this 36.8cm Witch on Toadstool has decided to brush up on her cackling skills. She wears her best tulle dress and sits comfortably on her favourite toadstool. Her ‘study buddy’ toady familiar want to help and has perched itself on the brim of her hat. Constructed of fibreglass and resin, this adorably studious witch will cackle with confidence at Halloween for years to come.

Raz Imports Sitting Witches

After a night of broomstick racing, this pair of Sitting Witches needs to take a break! Each one has posable legs and a knowing smile on her dial. Their festive frocks have glitter collars and sequined bodices along with flamboyantly flouncy matching hats. Break time’s over: time to fly!

Flying Witch on BroomFlying Witch on Broom

The skies aren’t safe when these two wacky sisters are about. They love nothing more than scaring people, turning children into mice, and hooning around on their broomsticks. – Don’t worry, these pranksters will come back to remove their curses after Halloween. Can’t you take a joke?

Malevolent or misunderstood? Everyone knows the Wicked Witch of the West as the villain in Dorothy’s story. But in the Witch’s defence, Dorothy stole something that rightfully belonged to the Witch!

Jim Shore Wicked Witch of the West Figurine - 12cm

Designed by Jim Shore, these three vibrantly hand-painted stone resin figurines commemorate iconic moments from the Wizard of Oz. The petite 12cm figurine recoils in shock upon discovering her sister flattened by a house. She cannot believe that little Dorothy Gale had the audacity to steal her sister’s powerful ruby slippers after committing murder.

Jim Shore Wicked Witch of the West Figurine - 20cm

The 20cm Wicked Witch Figure leads her army of winged monkeys against Dorothy and crew. You can almost hear her shrieking orders as she hurtles across the sky.

Jim Shore Wicked Witch of the West Bookend

Sadly, the Wicked Witch of the West’s story comes to a tragic and pitiful end. In the Wicked Witch Bookend, she confronts the little thief once and for all. Skirts billowing, eyes blazing, she storms in and…We all know what happens next.

Animated Pieces

Wacky Witch with Cauldron - 58cm

Remember that eccentric friend of nan’s who lives on a hobby farm out in the bush? —Well here she is! Mark Roberts’ delightfully quirky animated 58cm Wacky Witch wears bejewelled horn-rim spectacles, a curious spider web cape, and a spectacularly whimsical hat inspired by the tail of a black cat. She stirs her jack o’lantern cauldron and smiles from ear to ear, ready to move and groove with the best of them. She’s even brought along her own music!

Animated Halloween Wicked Witch - 90cm

Watch yourself around this witch! Try her patience and she’ll teach you a lesson you’ll never forget. With the flip of a switch, this 90cm tall animated figurine will flip her wig. She screeches and cackles while waving her arms as her eyes blaze daggers. You’d better stay on her good side or she’ll throw her crystal ball at you…

Motion-Activated Light-Up Witch - 119cmMotion-Activated Light-Up Witch - 128cm

Surprise, startle, and get the drop on your guests with these larger-than-life (119cm & 128cm) motion-activated light up witches. The magics of Halloween and electricity bring these showstopping pieces to life with light and sound whenever anyone gets close.

Hanging Pieces

Fringe Friends WitchHanging Witch with Light-Up FaceWrong Way Witch

This kid-friendly, adorable Fringe Witch wants to hang out at your place every Halloween. Brave enough to mix polka dots and stripes in her accessories, she wears her favourite fringe dress and wig while spreading Halloween happiness for all ages.

She won’t be winning any friends, but she will surely ‘influence’ people. This 91cm Hanging Witch has posable arms and a demonic light up face to frighten off any potential troublesome mischief-makers.

Oopsie! That’s gonna leave a mark! Ward off errantly flying crones with this 69cm Wrong Way Witch decoration. Perfect for doors, windows, and walls, the laughs are guaranteed.


Black Velvet HatKids Lace HatKids Spider Web Hat

Conjure up your inner witch or warlock when you dress the part. Start with the essentials: a hat and a broomstick. Adults can’t go wrong with a classic Black Velvet Hat. Little witches will look positively enchanting with hats trimmed with lace or a veil of spider’s webs.

BO Witch BroomHalloween Witch BroomBroom in 3 Colours

When it comes to choosing a broom, head away from the hardware store and give our boutique models a test drive. The 70cm BO Witch Broom gives off an awesome orange glow that will charm your littlest flyers. Those off their ‘L’ plates should give the traditional 92cm Halloween Witch Broom a sweep. Want a more contemporary colour option? – Try the orange, black, or purple 97cm Witch Broom and stand out from the crowd.

Black Magic Costume (Adults)Deluxe Witch Costume (Adults)

We also have you covered with costumes. (Pun intended.) Enterprising enchantresses will enthral onlookers with both the Black Magic or the Deluxe Witch costumes while the Little Witches Tutu & Headband Set or the Glitter Dress Halloween Costume will suit aspiring spellcasters down to the ground. 

Glitter Dress Witch CostumeLittle Witch Tutu & Headband

Welcome new witches into your coven this Halloween, brew up some hocus pocus, and watch the magic unfold. With a little help from your friendly ‘familiars’ at Witches of Halloween, you’ll hex with the best of them. 

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