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Brew up bewitching Halloween traditions with Bethany Lowe Designs.

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Bethany Lowe’s passion for inspiring others to build special holiday traditions led her to create her own range of holiday and everyday décor and figurines. Using sustainably sourced and recycled products whenever possible, specially selected artisans fashion and paint each unique Bethany Lowe Designs figurine and tabletop piece by hand.

When creating her Halloween range, Bethany Lowe draws on childhood memories of fancy-dress parties, pumpkin carving contests, and trick-or-treating on chilly nights. Driven by nostalgia, all her pieces have a vintage feel and rustic charm. Bethany Lowe Designs has everything you need to invoke all sorts of Halloween hijinks.

Bethany Lowe Haunted House

Beware all who enter here! This ‘renovator’s delight’ Haunted House tabletop piece (28 x 30.5 x 24.1cm) welcomes all but might not let you leave. Constructed of plywood, paper, wire, and moss and painted in wickedly wonderful colours with glitter detailing, this is the diorama version of that tumbledown house in the neighbourhood that everyone crosses the street to avoid.

Flanked by two barren trees that reach into the sky like the grabbing hands of an underground behemoth, this haunted house is truly batty. – So much so, they’re escaping through the roof! Watch your step, in the wild, untamed garden: jack-o’-lanterns lurk in the undergrowth, and their smiles don’t look entirely friendly. Don’t let that black cat cross your path! You’ll need every scrap of good luck to make it through this dark night.

Bethany Lowe Wire Spider WebBethany Lowe HAUNTED into the Woods Pennant Garland

Create a haunted house and add otherworldly accents with Bethany Lowe’s home decorations. Start by hanging a few Wire Spider Webs from the corners of doors and windows. Next, get ready to deck the halls with Hallows Eve spirit by hanging the Haunted Into the Woods Pennant Garland. At just over a metre long, this garland stretches comfortably across larger doorways to lounges or dining rooms. Printed in a steampunk-style font, the eight pennants are adorned with Victorian era images and spell out H-A-U-N-T-E-D.

Bethany Lowe Spider Lacquer BallBethany Lowe Eye Lacquer BallsBethany Lowe Apothecary Nesting BoxesBethany Lowe Mini Trees - Set of 4

Continue the quirky steampunk feel with bowls and glass vases of lacquer balls. Choose from spindly-legged spiders, glaring eyeballs, or bespectacled eyes. Complete the scene with Halloween mini trees on tables and mantlepieces and a set of Apothecary Nesting Boxes advertising mysterious rare remedies and essential occult services. You can even store your decorations in these boxes after Halloween.

Bethany Lowe Silly PumpkinsBethany Lowe Moon Witch

No Halloween would be complete without jack-o’-lanterns and witches! These Silly Pumpkin Pendants with their smug mugs just beg to be hung from lamps or decorative branches. Collect all three of these guileless gourds to add a little whimsy to your decorating.

The moon is out this Halloween, and she’s even worn a costume. Carefully hand painted on paper mâché, this 40.5cm celestial body is deeply committed to her Moon Witch character, warts, spiders, and all.

Bethany Lowe Froggy FernBethany Lowe Cheeky Pumpkin PerennialBethany Lowe Halloween Scarecrow

Larger figurines and tabletop pieces by Bethany Lowe Designs transform the ‘oddway’ into ‘outré’. Froggy Fern can be a friend, so long as you don’t get too close. Place this 41cm tall crafty carnivore at the entry to your home. He’ll always greet your guests with a gruesome grin, and trick-or-treaters will get a thrill from this petrifying plant.

Always ready to share a wink and a chuckle, this Cheeky Pumpkin Perennial is ready to party. He wears a gap-toothed smile, has pruned his wire-reinforced parchment leaves, and is ready to party!

Keep out unless you’re scary! Some pumpkins were born to treat, others to trick. Bethany Lowe’s 83cm Halloween Scarecrow stands ready to scare all who dare to enter the haunted woods he protects. His menacing gaze challenges all who approach. Even the crows don’t dare land on him! Pose his wire arms and light up his jack-o’-lantern head with a C7 bulb to make this scarecrow truly sinister.

Bethany Lowe Waving Skeleton with PumpkinsBethany Lowe Skeleton Scalees

Where does Bethany Lowe harvest her peculiar pumpkins? – Why, from a haunted pumpkin patch, naturally! This Waving Skeleton and his creepy crop are hand-painted and crafted from durable resin. Only the finest, kookiest pumpkins get to become Bethany Lowe jack-o’-lanterns. Skeleton Scales carefully weighs each one, for a fee of course.

Bethany Lowe Grimoire Skeleton OwlBethany Lowe Toady on SkullBethany Lowe Miss Skeleton Skull

Resin figurines and the stories you can create for them make Bethany Lowe’s Halloween collection truly spectacular. Grimoire Skeleton Owl keeps all his favourite things within claw’s reach, and he’s not about to share, so don’t ask him. This crotchety codger is well over a century young and has no time for whippersnappers. He’s tired of people trying to swipe his prized grimoire, the book of spells that he’s named after, as well as his bottle of eerie elixir, and his time-turning pocket watch. Don’t get him started on the key in his beak. He’ll tell you all kinds of tall tales, but the truth is he’s completely forgotten what it unlocks!

Toady knows all about the key she guards for a notoriously wicked wizard. However, telling you about her plight would mean dropping said key, and if she loses that, the wizard will turn her into a FROG! Toady’s got more immediate problems, though. She’s got about five minutes to find a different place to perch, or she’s lunch for a starving skeleton.

Speaking of starving, Miss Skeleton Skull is looking for something to satisfy her appetite, and this spider will go down a treat. It just needs to come a little closer… Proof that the macabre has a haunting home in Bethany Lowe’s collection, this damsel was distressed when she lost an eye and its lashes. But she’s decided that she’s even more petrifying pretty without them. Peer closely to see every exquisite detail in this piece: the glaring eyeball surrounded by the perfect lashes, the beauty mark, even rouged cheeks. What deadly beauty!

Bethany Lowe Witch on Toadstool 36.8cm

Never to be outdone by her sisters, this 36.8cm Witch on Toadstool has decided to brush up on her cackling skills. ‘Dolled up’ for her big night, she wears her best tulle dress and revises on her favourite toadstool. If you look closely at her hat, you’ll see Toady perched precariously. She got away from that wizard after all! Constructed of fibreglass and resin, this adorably studious witch will cackle with confidence as a family keepsake for years to come.

Bethany Lowe Design’s decorations, tabletop pieces, and figurines give you exactly what you need to create a bewitchingly ‘spook-tacular’ Halloween celebration for your family and friends. Plan all sorts of Halloween hijinks and build precious holiday traditions all your own with Bethany Lowe Designs.