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Head to the Pumpkin patch for decorating inspiration this Halloween with spooky pumpkins!

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Halloween Jack O'Lantern 35.5cmHalloween Jack O'Lantern 40.6cm

Jack o’lanterns like these resin pieces were originally carved from turnips and other root vegetables to scare off evil spirits during the Irish festival of Samhain. Immigrants to the Americas swapped the turnips in favour of local gourds, giving rise to the humble pumpkin’s iconic status in modern-day Halloween celebrations.

Decorating with pumpkins has come a long way since simple root vegetable and pumpkin carvings. Today, pumpkins inspire all sorts of decorations, figurines, tabletop pieces, jewellery, and more. Peruse the pumpkin patch and let the Halloween spirit inspire your decorating this season.

Dress Up Your Dwelling

Raz Imports Jack O'Lanters (Set of 3)Raz Imports Pumpkins for Sale Table Piece

Give Halloween a rural homespun feel with jolly jack o’lanterns from Raz Imports. Whether used indoors or outdoors, this set of three stencil-cut rustic Jack O’Lanterns will charm and delight with their adorable buck-toothed smiles. Speaking of smiles, you can’t go past these perky pumpkins all in a row! Build your own special indoor Halloween harvest display around this Pumpkins for Sale table piece.

Bethany Lowe Set 'Em Out Pumpkins - Set of 6Katherine's Collection Bone Pumpkin - 2 Designs

Set the scene for the Halloween season by scattering a few pumpkins on tables and mantlepieces. Extra festive glittery Set ‘Em Out Pumpkins from Bethany Lowe bring a little razzle dazzle to any room.

Bone Pumpkins from Katherine’s Collection stand out from the usual pumpkin patch crowd. Construct a Halloween centrepiece of a different colour with both raven and spider styles.

Pumpkin Personas with Panache

Bethany Lowe Silly Pumpkins (Sold Separately)Bethany Lowe Cheeky Pumpkin Perennial - 38cmBethany Lowe Halloween Scarecrow - 83cm

In the hands of Bethany Lowe Designs, pumpkin characters can be charming, cheeky, or spine-chillingly creepy. Three Silly Halloween Pumpkins roll into a party. —That’s the joke and the punchline! Silly All Smiles looks nervous and eager to please. Silly Tongue Out had a few too many drinks before the party. Silly One Tooth hates parties and Halloween, too, for that matter. (Each sold separately.)

Cheeky Pumpkin Perennial, on the other hand, loves Halloween. He’s just dying to show off his hand-painted resin body and his wire-reinforced paper leaves.

Some pumpkins are just grown bad. This 83cm Halloween Scarecrow terrifies even the toughest trespassers with his menacing light-up jack o’lantern head. Try to sneak past and he’ll grab you with his poseable arms.

Katherine's Collection Pumpkin Patch Skeleton with Pumpkin Doll - 51cm

What better way to celebrate Halloween than hanging out with friends? Expertly painted and detailed, the 51cm Pumpkin Patch Skeleton with Pumpkin Doll from Katherine’s Collection shows a grinning Mr Pumpkin sharing the treats he hides within his hollow head. His mate Sir Skeleton wears a vintage suit and top hat, zhushed up for Halloween. He’s added a tulle collar and cuffs to his suit, and his top hat now boasts orange lace with purple ribbon trim and a ruffled ribbon perch for his pet spider. When Mr Pumpkin runs out of treats, this pair of ‘boo-som’ buddies will head out trick-or-treating for more.

Pumpkin Artistry

Colossal Carving Kit - 10 PiecesLight Up Pumpkin Eyeballs - 3 VarietiesEmoti-kins Pumpkin Sticker Kit - 6 Looks

Start a new family tradition and carve your own jack o’lantern. After you choose the perfect pumpkin, you’ll need the Colossal Carving Kit. Before you know it, you’ll be carving like a professional, thanks to the easy to use tools and six different stencils in this 10-piece kit.

Already have the knack of carving and want to bring up the ‘boo’ factor? Try adding a set of these battery-powered Halloween Pumpkin Eyeballs. Choose from Creepy red flashing eyes, Silly green flashing eyes, or Surprised colour changing eyes. (What luck! Batteries are included.)

Get kids of all ages involved and create carvery-free ‘pumpkins with personality’ when you use Emoti-kins Pumpkin Sticker Kit. Stick with one of the six pre-prepared looks or mix and match to design your own.

Pumpkin Party!

Pumpkin Tinsel - 5 MetresJumbo Paper Halloween Pumpkin - 68cm

Pumpkins perfectly suit all types of Halloween parties, whether large or small, outdoor or indoor. Begin by liberally hanging Halloween Tinsel with Pumpkins around your lounge or courtyard and along the edges of tables and doorways. Next, festoon a generous amount of Jumbo Paper Halloween Pumpkins around your pumpkin palace.

Trick or Treat Pumpkin Baskets - Set of 6Halloween Pumpkin Bucket

Portion out goodies of all kinds in handy sets of six Trick or Treat Pumpkin Candy Baskets, and don’t forget to have a supply of Halloween Pumpkin Buckets so every little monster has a place to store their treats.

Light Up Halloween EarringsLight Up Halloween Necklace

Finally, you’ll be the ‘hostess with the mostest’ (or the ‘host with the most’) in your pumpkin paradise when you ‘successorise’ with Light Up Halloween Earrings and a Light Up Halloween Necklace or three.

Whatever your decorating needs, pumpkin-inspired pieces lend Halloween a sense of fanciful fun. Remember to visit the Witches of Halloween Shoppe for the freshest crop of prime Halloween pumpkins every year.