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Jim Shore brings otherworldly whimsy to wickedly wonderful Halloween magic!

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Halloween hijinks tempt everyone from tiny trick-or-treaters to fans of all things fabulously freaky. Whether celebrating the spooky or the kooky, more and more Australians fall under Halloween’s spell every year.

Jim Shore’s enchantingly outlandish figurines have us utterly spellbound at Witches of Halloween. Each figurine is infused with mischievous Halloween magic and rustic charm. Rosemaling floral scrollwork, quilt patterns, and vibrant colours bewitch and beguile, luring the eye to discover the dazzling details on each piece.

Collectors adore the Jim Shore range for its quality as much as its quirkiness. The expertly carved look of each piece comes from high-quality stone resin moulding. Durable and delectable, a Jim Shore figurine endures, making it the perfect gift for an instant keepsake.

Heartwood Creek Witch with Owl 24cm

Iconic brands trust Jim Shore with their most beloved characters because his distinctive style helps them tell their story a new way, enriching what we love most about the brand.

We think you’ll agree that nothing is more collectible than Disney. This Halloween, Mickey and Minnie are heading to a fancy-dress party in authentic Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein costumes. —Igor, they’re ALIVE!

Jim Shore Halloween Mickey 13.5cmJim Shore Halloween Minnie 13cm

Committed to his creature-feature character, Mickey has attached bolts to his neck and stomps along with undead swagger. Minnie humours him, wearing a bow that she has decorated with crackling current. You can see the merest glimpse of a giggle in her eye as she follows Mickey’s lead and stays in character.

Huey, Dewey, and Louie aim to play tricks on the entire neighbourhood, even if they do receive plenty of treats. Don’t be fooled by their cute costumes and smiling faces. These larrikins love to show their trickster tendencies on Halloween night. Hiding in the dark, they stand on one another’s shoulders, plotting to play the perfect prank on Mickey and Minnie when they turn the corner! – But it’s all in good fun. (Little do they know Donald will hear about everything tomorrow!)

Jack Skellington on Fountain 24cm

No Halloween is complete without the antics of Jack Skellington and the crew from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. Tim Burton’s original characters come alive in these delightful tabletop pieces, layered with details from both the original film and Jim Shore’s characteristic motifs. Everyone in Halloweentown has a vital part to play in the perfect scary celebration.

Jack croons a soulful soliloquy as he dances about a basilisk-shaped fountain in the town square. Let’s hope he doesn’t tumble into the murky water! Full of festive spirit and excitement, he’s ready to take Halloween to the next level. –In fact, even bigger plans for a unique take on another holiday have begun to brew in his skull...

Sally Season in Bloom 15cm

Sally is not so sure about these plans. Sally Season in Bloom captures the exact moment when she has a premonition that Jack’s foray into Christmas will not turn out as planned…

Jim Shore Lock, Shock and Barrel with Santa 23cm

By the time Sally has a chance to confess her misgivings, Jack has already put his plan in motion. Lock, Stock, and Barrel have found ‘Sandy Claws’, but he’s much bigger than they thought. Luckily for them they have a bewitched bathtub to carry ole’ St Nick. What were they supposed to do after bagging him?

–Maybe they’ll remember more on the way to Oogie Boogie’s. He might even want to meet ‘Sandy Claws’!

Oogie Boogie likes to play gruesome games. He’s got a pair of dice ready and plans on rolling ‘snake eyes’! Full of worms that are fast finding their way through his stitching, this monster’s sinister sneer foretells all the diabolical deeds he has planned for his new visitor.

How will Jack and Sally save the day? You decide when you make the story your own by checking out Jim Shore’s Halloween and Christmas figurine range!

Create your own stories when you celebrate Halloween, Christmas, Easter, or any occasion with figurines from the magically magnificent world of Jim Shore.