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Let us take you on a tour to Spooky Town, the dearly decrepit Halloween villages by Lemax.

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Beware of everything and everyone in Lemax's Spooky Town. This haunted hamlet holds spills and chills around every corner. Its unique charms led one weary traveller to leave this '5 ghost' review: "Amidst dismal decay and dilapidated buildings, the living dead have found a place to rest in pieces in Spooky Town. When you visit, make sure you bring extra garlic, silver, and wooden stakes. Oh! And sleep during the day."

—Can you handle it? Only the very brave dare to remain in Spooky Town after sundown…

Spooky Town This Way Sign

Surprise! You’ve won a tour of Spooky Town in a raffle you don’t even remember entering. Your deluxe tour includes transfers, a town square shopping experience, and a visit to the annual Foundation Day Frightening Fete. As a special treat, you’ll also be guests of honour at the celebration’s closing banquet.

Deadly Grim Reaper

Thrilled at your chance to mark Spooky Town off your bucket list, you meet your tour group at a lonely crossroads a few hours before sundown. A cowled figure with a scythe materialises from out of nowhere, startling everyone. He passes around cards identifying himself as Reap, the Deadly Grim Reaper, your tour guide.

You anxiously await further instructions, but Reap only points a long, bony finger down the road leading towards Spooky Town. You hear a distant thundering and see an old jalopy covered in bones racing up the road. Showering the group with dirt, it comes to a screeching halt so close you’re nearly smooching the skull hood ornament.

Lemax Hearse of Bones

Ossuary’s Hearse, at your service! Reap turns and points toward the back doors. Everyone bundles in, squeezing in amongst the coffins.

After a few donuts, the hearse speeds off. Holding on for dear life and chuckling nervously, you dearly wish for a seatbelt and stack-hat. After a few hair-raising turns, you hear the bowel-rumbling, teeth-rattling sound of hogs with tonnes of horsepower. You peer out of the left-hand side window. Wowsers! The annual Monster Motor Rally is pumping!

Lemax Monster Motor Rally

You arrive just in time for the Best Chopper Contest. The contestants race around the track, hoping to impress the audience. After several minutes of dizzying laps, the judge awards the Frankenstein monsters the trophy for the fifth year in a row.

While the fans cheer, the losing contestants don’t look too happy. Growling menacingly, they advance on the Frankenstein monsters. Reap quickly herds the group back into the hearse just as the punches start to fly. Turns out, the ‘best chopper’ might not refer to the person with the best motorbike!

Next stop: sightseeing and shopping in Spooky Town Square!

Lemax Haunted BirdhouseLemax Spooky PhoneboothLemax Skeleton Tree

The driver parks the hearse on the lawn in the middle of the square, knocking over a poorly-placed birdhouse. Grateful to be alive, everyone scrambles out into the delightful decay of Spooky Town.

Lemax Mummy FigurineLemax Scary WheelbarrowLemax Bag of Bones

Staggering around aimlessly, a lone citizen attempts to tidy up a bit of the scattered mess. Wheelbarrow overflowing and bag full to bursting, he really could use a little help keeping the ravenous rats and cantankerous crows away.


Lemax Death's Door Cemetery Gates

Death’s Door Cemetery Gates Iron Works hammers on 365 days of the year. Famous for their fine wrought iron gates and fencing, you’re keen to check out the most successful business in Spooky Town. However, you beat a retreat when the smithy growls and throws one of his hammers at your head. Death’s Door could learn a thing or two about how to serve living customers!

Lemax Terribly Twisted Taffy Works

On the other side of the square, you see flames billowing up from a chimney and decide to check it out. Looks like the Terribly Twisted Taffy Works is creating a new creepy confection. The witch working at the front beckons you come closer. ‘Hello traveller!’ she cackles. ‘Please, try my scrumptious taffy. It’s made with organic cane sugar, real ectoplasm, and Fairtrade essence of toadstool. One taste and your tastebuds will SCREAM!’

You pop a slimy sweet in your mouth and immediately wish you hadn't. Desperate for escape, you indicate that you'd like to buy a packet. When the witch fetches your change, you discreetly spit out the loathsome lolly.

Lemax Little Ghouls Flying School

Preferring to avoid another stomach-churning spin in the hearse, the group votes to continue to the fete on foot. On the way, you stop to marvel at The Little Ghouls Flying School. Just look at those littlies circling on high! These kids were born to fly. You join the parents in cheering on the little tackers until Reap screeches and points insistently down the road. Better get a move on or you’ll miss the fete!

Lemax Graveyard PicnicLemax Gory Grillin'

Crowds have converged on the cemetery for this special 20th anniversary edition of the Foundation Day Frightening Fete. As you carefully wend your way amongst the tombstones and townsfolk, the smell of sizzling meats cooked on barbecues makes your mouth water. But underneath it all you also detect the odd waft of Spooky Town’s distinctive sickly-sweet aroma.

Lemax Skeleton Gazebo

Reap marches the group to the middle of the cemetery. In front of a gazebo constructed entirely out of bones and fronted by wolfish jack o’lanterns, he holds up two fingers before groaning and gliding away amongst the tombstones.

Lemax Skeleton SwingsLemax Spectral Couple

Relishing the chance to people-watch and a little fearful diving into the festivities alone, your group decides to start your two-hour exploration by ambling over to the pet show on the eastern side of the cemetery. As you stroll, you admire an elegant spectral couple promenading serenely, dodge some swinging skeletons, nearly trip over a pair of zombies clawing their way to the surface, and make a point of steering clear of a wraith locked in its coffin.

Lemax Zombie Set of 2Lemax Do Not Disturb

The Halloween Pet Costume Contest is underway by the time you arrive, and – surprise – Reap’s one of the judges. After a tense deliberation, Reap and his witchy colleague give the award for Best Twins to the Mummy and his pooch. Lucky he made it to the festivities after all!

Lemax Trick-or-Treating Dogs (Set of 5)Lemax Pet Costume Contest

The curtain of night has fallen by the time the group arrives back at the gazebo. You see Reap chatting with a mate and get his attention. It’s getting late. Shouldn’t he be taking you to the banquet?

Lemax SpookyTown Grim Reaper - Tombstone

Reap looks at you, cocks his head, and points over your shoulder. You turn and see the townsfolk lurch, stagger, and claw their way through the tombstones towards you. Banquet time, at last! Everyone sure looks hungry. You wonder what’s on the menu and hope they serve options to cater for a wide-range of dietary requirements…

Will anything save our hapless travellers from the perils of Spooky Town?

What happens next is up to you! Create a petrifying property portfolio when you assemble your own Lemax Halloween village with lighted buildings, table pieces, figurines, and accessories.

Browse the Lemax range at the Witches of Halloween Shoppe and add to your collection today. We will gladly order items you request from the Lemax catalogue so you can build a sensationally scary Spooky Town. Starting in the year 2000 with only a few haunted houses and figurines ... 21 years later, Lemax SpookyTown now has over 1000 animated buildings, accessories and figurines.

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